Cardinal Engineering Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

Norman, Okla., – Cardinal Engineering is proud to announce its thirtieth year as a leading civil engineering company in Oklahoma.

30 years ago, in 1989, Steve Mason founded Cardinal Engineering based on several key fundamental principles. Those principals included having a work environment that created a good balance of blending relationships with family, employees, friends, and clients. He believed that a healthy, educated, experienced and happy work force would be highly successful and better equipped to best serve our clients. In the subsequent years of Cardinal’s growth and diversification, Mason surrounded himself with leadership and staff holding steadfast to those same principles.

Through 30 years of Engineering Excellence, some of the names and faces have changed but, Mason’s wisdom and foresight have proven true and Cardinal Engineering is excited to be celebrating our 30th Anniversary with our clients, employees, former employees, family, and friends.

Cardinal Engineering’s team boasts a multi-disciplined staff of engineers, designers, and technology experts. In addition, CE now has offices in Norman, Oklahoma City, Woodward, and Tulsa, OK.

For more information, please contact Cardinal Engineering.


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