Cardinal Engineering Designs a 400,000-gallon Solution to Water Storage Needs

Cardinal Engineering was contacted by the City of Crescent to design a solution to their water storage needs. The existing 200,000-gallon pedestal tank in the City of Crescent did not provide adequate storage to meet the 2-day storage recommendation by the ODEQ or to meet the fire flows needed by the City.

The City of Crescent needed 400,000 gallons of additional storage to meet this 2-day storage recommendation and to maintain 25 psi to all customers while meeting required fire flows.Cardinal Engineering designed a 400,000-gallon standpipe (135’ H X 24’ D) which was constructed with a loan and grant from USDA-Rural Development.

This project is being completed within the next few weeks and will provide the Fire Protection and storage needed by the City of Crescent. The painted steel tank will also serve as an attractive billboard for the City for many years to come.

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