Horizontal Organizational Structure

We externally focus on the success of our clients in reference to the services we provide them. Our empowered resource of employees; who embody our desire to ensure success and exhibit our core values of quality, ethics, hard work, and positive attitude will lead this charge. Our unique focus and approach will ensure that we become stakeholders in our client’s success by creating the desired results.


While our competitors focus on the quantity of work, Parkhill | Cardinal Engineering has made a conscious decision to commit to and participate in only those projects which our firm can complete to our own stringent internal standards. It is simply not enough to provide our clients with an approximate design. From the consideration of construction sequencing to detailed terrain modeling of grading and paving operations, a Parkhill | Cardinal Engineering set of deliverables is unparalleled by other firms.

Geographic Base and Responsiveness

While a handful of large-scale firms that operate within the central Oklahoma area are able to support their clients through a nationwide network of offices, the majority of firms in the market have centralized their operations to one metro-area office. Parkhill | Cardinal Engineering bridges this gap by providing its clients with a small network of offices within the Oklahoma region. Our offices in Norman, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Woodward are positioned to provide timely solutions and services to clients that need to operate across the state, rather than just within one specific metropolitan area.

Client Relations

Although the connection between Parkhill | Cardinal Engineering and its clients frequently starts as a purely business relationship, the effects of working closely with someone through a project are at times profound. Experience has shown our firm that from some of the most complex projects frequently come some of our most valued friendships. While the majority of our competitors fail to appreciate this dynamic, Parkhill | Cardinal Engineering embraces it with an open relationship with our clients, and successful retention of our project managers. Cardinal expects project managers and staff to understand there is no distinction between the successes and failures of our clients and the successes and failures of our firm.

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