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Water Resources Market Sector

The management, protection, and improvement of water resources within the State of Oklahoma is clearly no small task. Industrial, commercial, and residential development each play a part in putting additional pressure and demand on this valuable natural resource. As the resultant impact on groundwater formations, streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes can be devastating; Cardinal Engineering, LLC continues to seek new ways to permit the coexistence of these resources with the project initiatives of our many clients within the Water Resources market sector.


In making this goal a reality, Cardinal Engineering, LLC relies heavily on our multi-disciplined capabilities to fully evaluate a given project within the context of all phases of the hydrologic cycle. Project experience has shown that as a result of this comprehensive approach, our firm has the unique ability to not only manage a given water resource project from start to finish, but also to bring new knowledge and skills to the table for the client’s existing consulting team. Under either scenario, Cardinal Engineering, LLC operates under a fundamental belief that it is the responsibility of our firm to provide value to our clients and their water resource projects.


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